Team above welcomes H4d3s & Hannibal
Dec 07, 2017

We at team above are ecstatic to welcome the newest members of the team above PUBG squad, Robin 'H4d3s' Höhener and Christian 'Hannibal' Geissbühler! Even in the short time Playersunknown's Battleground has been running as a competitive game, the two of them bring a solid list of accolades!

After winning the 2nd and 3rd Prefire PUBG cup they clearly showed what an immense talent they have. We are happy that we finally found the right pairing for our existing PUBG players and wish them all the best for all the games to come.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

  • Robin "h4d3s" Höhener
  • Christian "Hannibal" Geissbühler
  • Roger "madbush" Haas
  • Christoph "schism" Schmid
  • Michele "x3t0r" Blank

We are proud to be a part of team Above and we are seeking to continue our victory streak. After three top results in the Prefire / Butterlan Cup’s in Duo FPP under eRazed, is the next target the establishment in the Squad FPP scene. Together with our new Friends, we build a solid fundament! See you on the Battleground

Robin 'h4d3s' Höhener, team above PUBG Player

We’ve been playing PUBG since the first days of early access and we knew we needed likeminded players to complete our squad. With H4d3s and Hannibal we know that we’ve found the right players - talented, ambitious and with the right mindset to compete on the highest level. We welcome you both and winner winner chicken dinner to all of us.

Michele "x3t0r" Blank, team above PUBG Team Captain